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We advise calling for advice on remapping, as we can give one to one advice based on your requirements, and give advice on power figures and additional upgrades. 

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What is Tuning & Remapping?

Basically ECU remapping is adjusting the settings on a car’s ‘engine control unit’ (ECU) to improve, or ‘tune’ several areas of the vehicle’s performance such as the power output and fuel economy. This needs to be done within limits so it always best to come to an expert if you a considering having a remap done. Lucky at AMF Automotive we are experts in tuning & remapping so bring your car to us in Tonbridge. 


Remapping can give significant power gains and also increases in fuel economy! A lot of drives find fuel consumption drops 5-10% in their same journey profile, all while having more power available when needed.


We have signifcant experience tuning all Mercedes's models over the years, including our 750BHP S class, shown here at Santa Pod raceway:

S Class Drag race


Prices start from £450 Inc VAT 

If you are in Tonbridge and are considering having you vehicle tuned or remapped please call AMF Automotive on 020 3384 4644 or use our online Contact Form.

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